Community Groups

Enniscorthy Community Allotment Project

Our community allotment site is conveniently located in the town. We believe that it can be of a great benefit to schools located in the town and should be a great place to create generational and cross-cultural connections.

With regard to diversity, equality and inclusion, the role of the committee is to support and promote an inclusive culture, provide leadership for the development and implementation of policies and procedures.


  • Enniscorthy Fáilte
  • Cottage Autism Network
  • Wexford Residential and Intellectual Disability Service (W.R.I.D.S)
  • The Cornmarket Project
  • Wexford Mental Health Services
  • The Wexford Social Prescribing Service
  • Reachability
  • KITE Day Service
  • The Hope Centre

Enniscorthy Fáilte

Enniscorthy Fáilte is a local community group set up in March 2022 to support Ukrainian refugees housed in Enniscorthy. A strong cross community committee was established and with in excess of 60 local volunteers continue to provide assistance as needed including initial orientation and connection with state services, language classes with volunteers, information to help integrate into local sports and community organisations and a variety of youth activities.We have no website, just a Facebook page and email

 Message From memeber “I am writing with sincere gratitude about receiving allotment from all members of my family. Thank you very much to Enniscorthy Allotment’s team for the productive work for Ukrainians. We really need your help. For my mum and mother-in-law, as for elderly Irish people having a little garden was really needed. When we arrived here and stayed at the hotel, getting a piece of land was happiness. Fresh air, playing space, interesting leisure and party on holidays for my children helped overcome homesickness. Well of course, communicating with friendly Irish neighbors in the garden, having a fresh vegetable, green and growing the flowers has become an important part of our life. Kind regards, Yevstihnieiev’s family.”

Cottage Autism Network

Cottage Autism Network (CAN) was set up in 2004 and currently supports 280 families impacted by autism in Co. Wexford through offering support to parents and guardians, inclusive activities for children and young people diagnosed with autism, raising awareness and training and information to families and professionals.

Cottage Autism Network CLG is dependent on fundraising, donations, and sponsorship to support our work. It is run solely by volunteers all of whom have children on the autism spectrum. In 2022 CAN secured an allotment for our Teens in Enniscorthy Community Allotments and were excited then to launch their new Teen Sow It To Grow it Program.

With no experience and no green thumb our Treasurer Paulene Devereux took on this project with 8 Teens. This project has been running for 2 years now and has been very successful. It runs for 6 months from March to September two days a week and then 3 days a week when they go to Market. At the start of each year they have to dig up the garden, buy and plant the vegetables with a new plan for the garden. The Teens then form a mini company and roles are given to each Teen.


The parents then step aside and take a break having a chat while the Teens take on the allotment watering and weeding each week. It has been amazing for the parents and volunteers to stand back and watch the friendships being formed at the allotment. The confidence in themselves and what they can achieve has been especially rewarding. The allotment becomes a home away from home for 6 months of the year. It is a place of inclusion, acceptance and understanding for our group.

Everyone is happy to pass on knowledge to the group. The allotment is a place of joy, colour and the new sensory space has increased the calming affect the allotment has for the group. We are so very thankful to Michael and the team for all their help. At CAN we believe that together you can make a difference and that is what has been achieved here at the allotments. It’s made a huge difference to the lives of children and adults involved.

Wexford Residential and Intellectual Disability Service (W.R.I.D.S)

(WRIDS) is a community group home for adults with severe to profound intellectual disabilities and complex needs.  Over the past two years the community allotment has enhanced the lives of the residents in Teach Saoirse (WRIDS). This space has not only provided a space where the residents can produce their own plants, fruit and vegetables, it has enabled them to become part of a wider community.

That sense of achievement from preparing the ground to pulling the first produce, not to mention the benefits to their health and wellbeing. It is also a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and as we all know, gardening is great for keeping those muscles in shape. We are all eagerly awaiting next year’s juicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables!!

The Cornmarket Project

The Cornmarket Project, is committed to supporting individuals with a history of addiction and criminal involvement. Our range of programmes empower individuals, helping them escape the cycle of entrenched drug misuse and criminal behaviour, and serve as a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Through this transformative process, we also help to create safer and more secure communities for everyone The mission statement of the project is ‘To reduce substance misuse, criminality and social exclusion in County Wexford by providing a range of best practice evidence based programmes.’ Through to accredited training programmes, progression routes and employment opportunities. In the last year the Cornmarket project Enniscorthy, has had the opportunity to be involved in the Enniscorthy Community Allotments through maintaining two raised beds. This has afforded us the opportunity to
experience and experiment with growing produce, in addition to socialising and connecting with others in our local area through utilising the shared seating and sensory areas. Should you or someone you know need support we can be contacted through our website. That sense of achievement from preparing the ground to pulling the first produce, not to mention the benefits to their health and wellbeing. It is also a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and as we all know, gardening is great for keeping those muscles in shape. We are all eagerly awaiting next year’s juicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables!!

Wexford Mental Health Services

Since the allotments commenced in the Enniscorthy area, it has made a significant improvement to the lives of the people who engage with the Wexford Mental Health Services. A significant amount of research suggests that time spent in gardening and green spaces can support people with mental health difficulties. The feedback from the people attending both community and residential services have listed several benefits, these include:

1. The low stimulus environment helped people with mental health difficulties to engage in gardening activities which gave them a sense of purpose, increased their self- esteem and confidence.

2. It gave them a chance to learn and develop new skills which supports their recovery process

3. It has improved their social interactions with people from the community and other community groups.

4. It gave them a great sense of achievement when they could take home their fresh produce.

5. It increased their physical activity which aids mobility and overall health thus leading to other beneficial factors such as reduction of stress and anxiety.

6. By working outdoors and the regular contact with nature, health benefits such as increased psychological well-being, general health and social cohesion were improved immensely.

The Wexford Social Prescribing Service

The Wexford Social Prescribing Service is a free support, embedded in Wexford Local Development, that aims to reduce social isolation and improve people’s health and wellbeing.  The purpose of Social Prescribing is to work with individuals to explore what is important for their life and wellbeing, help them identify, local activities and services they can benefit from and support them to start engaging in these services. The Wexford Social Prescribing Service is available in the catchment areas identified in Co. Wexford as;

  • Wexford Urban
  • Taghmon
  • Enniscorthy Urban
  • Oylegate

Social Prescribing is about supporting the health and wellbeing of people by using community-based activities and supports, such as exercise, art, reading and gardening. There may also be an opportunity to attend self-help sessions such as stress control. Deirdre Earle our Social Prescribing Link Worker will talk to you about what matters to you, and help empower you to help take control over your own health and wellbeing. The programme is for you if you feel that you need some support to mind your health and wellbeing or if you feel lonely, stressed, anxious or depressed. Using resources within the community will help you to benefit from meeting other people or taking part in a new activity. Participants got involved in the Enniscorthy Community Allotments in 2022 which has been great for them and their mental health and wellbeing. We are so looking forward to building on this success next year. They thoroughly enjoyed working the raised beds and the harvesting their produce, and socialising with other allotment members and community groups.


Reachability feel privileged to be part of Enniscorthy Community Allotments it has been huge as regards community inclusion for our group, skills learning, confidence building, self esteem team building and health and wellbeing to mention but a few of the positive outcomes. We hope to build on our success next season and look forward to meeting new members and community groups.

KITE Day Service

KITE Services recognizes the individuality of each person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their right to be an active and inclusive member of society. KITE’s Day and Outreach services strive to offer a quality-led & person-centered support and training to adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years in pursuing their goals based on the New Directions Framework. To support you to develop your social skills by participating in community activities. To provide you with support and advice to maximise your potential and help you to live a full and happy life. KITE uses community based facilities and activities where possible.

The Hope Centre

The Hope Cancer Support Centre is a based in Enniscorthy and provides a range of services to people throughout the county of Wexford whose lives have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis. It is a place that recognises your own individual journey where we are willing to stay with you and support you through your journey. The services on offer which are free to everyone are provided by a team of professionals in a way that places you at the centre of everything we do. We provide counselling, reflexology, gentle massage, a bra fitting service and lymphoedema/MLD treatment. We have support groups in the centre and our clients also use the facilities of the Enniscorthy Community Allotments . Please see our website